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R2D2 – From Star Wars to Your House

Everybody knows R2D2, the legendary robot from Star Wars series. You can have a motorized replica of the robot if you want to transform your house in a battle-cruiser. It responds to more than 40 voice commands and it a has an infrared sensor that helps to search people in a room or to activate the alarm if the sentry option is on when some one enters your house unexpectedly. R2D2 can also replay sounds and voices from Star Wars movies.You can find the robot at a price around $189,95.

Via Hammacher


The Second Robotic Muscle Suit – Tokyo’s University of Science

Some years ago,students at Tokyo’s University of Science have built the first robotic muscle suit which has been on the market for several years. The suit was offering support for hands and back but it was heavy.Now,the second robotic muscle suit is being developed at Tokyo’s University.This suit will provide assistance only to the back, it will be lighter than the previous and the wearer will be able to carry an additional 15 to 20 kg. The students from Tokyo’s University said that the suit is designed to help people with physical limitations and factory workers with physically demanding jobs.

Robotic Muscle Suit 1


Workers in Overalls -or- HiBot Exliner ?

Tokyo company HiBot is now working at a robot that will be able to do inspection on high-voltage wires,so that human workers won’t be at risk anymore.The HiBot Exliner will also make the inspection process more efficient due to the fact that electrical infrastructures from many countries have old and broken components.

The robot can work on four high-voltage wires at the same time,while the first robot,the LineScout that is now in trials in Canada,can do the job on one line at a time.Also,both Exliner and LineScout can work even if the lines are left active.

HiBot Exliner 1