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Scosche solBAT II Solar USB Gadget Charger


The Scosche solBAT II Solar USB Gadget Charger has been designed to provide power for any USB device making it the perfect gadget for those who are out and running low on battery on their iPhone, iPod and so on.

The solar charger features a solar panel that collects solar power and transforms it into electricity which will then be stored on a 1500ma lithium-ion battery. After that, you can use it to recharge your devices every time you want and the recharging process will be as quickly as a normal one. The device also has suction cups, so you will be able to mount it on the windscreen.

The Scosche solBAT II Solar USB Gadget Charger will be available soon at the price of $30.

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Scosche kickBACK Case for the iPad


Apple has just launched its “revolutionary” iPad tablet and producers are already launching accessories for it.

One of these quick-to-cash-in-on-the-iPad companies is Scosche, who just launched its kickBACK case for Apple’s tablet PC. Made from polycarbonate and rubber hybrid, the kickBACK provides protection for the iPad, and the metal stand makes it a must-have for watching videos in landscape and portrait views.