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World’s First Four-Primary-Color 3D LCD Created By Sharp

Sharp 3D LCD

Someone must always be the one who brings something for the first time in front of us.  This time, Sharp is the one that came with a new innovation by announcing the worlds first four-primary-color 3D LCD.

This 3D LCD features the industry’s highest brightness with extremely low crosstalk for ghost images and, by wearing special 3D glasses, you will be able to see impressive 3D images with a very high realistic sense of depth. Its platform has a system where the images that are intended for the left and the right eye are displayed on the LCD screen sequentially. The 3D glasses have LC shutters which are synchronizing  with the display, “opening” (becoming transparent) and “closing” (becoming opaque) so that your left and right eye see separate images. (more…)

Sharp Cordless Phone Comes with Integrated Photo Frame

Sharp-JD-4C1CW -phone

Sharp thought that you might enjoy seeing photos of your loved ones while you’re on the phone, so they’ve come up with a cordless phone that features a built-in digital photo frame.

The Sharp JD-4C1CW cordless phone has a 4.3 inch touchscreen that can be used to dial the desired number, in case you get tired of pressing the handset. It also acts as an alarm clock, status indicator, kitchen clock, and a digital photo frame. The JD-4C1CW only has 64 mb of storage space, and you can store the photos via SD/SDHC/Memory Stick or Memory Stick Pro.


Sharp to Launch Its Solar-Powered Cell-Phone in China


As the Japanese mobile market continues to shrink, Sharp, the largest cell-phone manufacturer in the Land of the Rising Sun, decided it’s time to expand beyond national borders.

During the last fiscal year, Sharp sold only 1.6 million mobile phones outside Japan. That’s only 20% of its production, and management ruled it’s time to take their business global. Their first major move is to market their Solar Hybrid SH6230C mobile phone in China. The first Sharp solar-powered phone to be marketed outside Nippon comes with a solar cell module, 2.9 inch LCD display and a 5 megapixel camera.


Delicious Chocolate Phones from Sharp

Tasty-looking and perfectly functional at the same time, the  Sharp SH-04B Chocolate Phones make perfect Christmas gifts.

The limited edition Sharp Chocolate Phones are part of Sharp’s winter line-up and were created in collaboration with Q-pot, a Japanese design firm based in Tokyo. The chocolate-shaped mobiles come in a packaging that closely resembles a box of chocolates and feature chocolate themed wallpapers, photo frames and menus.

The SH-04B sports an 8 megapixel CCD camera, a 3 inch WVGA ASV display, a digital TV tuner, Bluetooth and many other features common to modern cell-phones. Unfortunately Sharp’s Chocolate Phone is currently only available for purchase in Japan.

via Akihabara News