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Solar Vest Is Practical and Geeky at the Same Time


Mixing fashion with technology, the Chinese have created the CVFR-S09 Solar Vest, a vest that charges all your gadgets, on the go.

The Solar Vest is designed for people who work mainly outdoors, and lack the time to always charge their various electronic devices. Featuring plenty of storage space, this solar charging fashion accessory has 4 laminated solar panels, on the back, so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet. These babies capture the sun’s energy and store it in the 8,800mAh battery, located in the vest’s front left pocket.


Joos Orange Solar Charger Keeps You Gadgets Alive


Joos Orange claims to be the most powerful solar charger available on the market, offering 20 times more power than other similar products. With the optional reflection kit, it offers 30 times more energy

Using a smart micro-processor controlled energy management system, connected to some Ninja mono-crystalline Silicon Nitride anti-reflective coated solar cells, Joos Orange is able to store 4 times the power needed to charge your smartphone. A great thing about this solar device is that it’s able to store energy even in low-light environments (including in rain and underwater).


Solar Powered Phone Concept

The idea of this concept is very simple : you can now go to the window to recharge your phone’s battery and not just for better signal reception. The phone has a solar panel on the back and you can stick it to the window in order to absorb solar power, which will recharge the battery.

Now, all you have to do is to hope that there will be no clouds on the sky.

Via YankoDesign

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