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Sleek Audio’s Carbonfibre Headphones Will Last a Lifetime


If you’re one of those people who quicly gets sick of the same pair of headphones, Sleek Audio’s SA7 aluminum and carbonfibre headphones are not for you.

Sleek Audio has announced it will be launching a special line of headphones, made with military grade aluminum and carbon fibre. The two drives are protected by shock-absorbant silicone that should protect them from just about anyrhing. According to the manufacturer, the SA7  can withstand up to 14,000 Gs.


Aqua Soundz Brings Sweet Music to Your Pool


Aqua Soundz is an ingenious waterproof speaker that will float in your pool or bathtub and play your favorite tunes,while you soak up.

You know those movies where some dumbass character gets electrocuted by a radio placed right on the side of the bathtub? Well, thanks to Aqua Soundz, you don’t have to risk death by electrocution, anymore. This cool speaker will float right beside you and wirelessly connect to your music player, and broadcast your favorite music.


Mapuguaquen Speakers Are Made of Clay


Mapaguaquen translates as “sound of the earth” and the names suits these speakers perfectly, considering they are nothing more than clay pots.

These original clay speakers are the work of Chilean designer Pablo Ocqueteau, who devised them as a way of showing that centuries old traditions can fulfill the needs of modern society. You’re probably wondering if clay pots could produce powerful sounds without cracking and braking into pieces, but it seems possible if they are stoneware.


My Pet Speaker Makes Music Enjoyable for Your Pets


I know you enjoy listening to music,and you may think your pet does too, but because of their sensitive hearing, they need  a special sound system, provided by Pet Acoustics.

My Pet Speaker has been specifically designed to provide pleasant sounds that cater to the hearings of dogs, cats and horses. Through its 4-inch drive unit and cone reflector, it disburses sound in 360 degrees radius, thus recreating the natural way animals perceive noises. It also tones down the bass level and sound frequencies, making it much more comfortable for animals.


Green Noise – Transforms Noise Into Electricity

Green Noise

We all had headaches because of the deafening sounds from highways or airport runways. Designer Hung-Uei Jou came with the idea of transforming this noise intro electricity for the runways and highways lights.

So he created the Green Noise, a device that captures these massive sound waves and converts them into electricity. It features a conical speaker-form placed on a tripod base who easily absorbs sound and prevents rainwater from collecting on the bottom. It also has a screen which gives the personnel the information required.