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Thanko Spy-Watch Has Built-in VGA Camera


Japanese company Thanko has been launching a bunch of cool spy gadgets, lately. After the cool button camera and HD spy pen, it’s time for the spy watch.

While it’s design isn’t spectacular (I personally like it), the spy-watch wasn’t meant as just a time-piece or a fashion accessory. That little dial hides a pretty powerful video-camera capable of shooting clips in 640×380 resolution, at 30 fps. And thanks to its impressive 4 Gb of internal memory, the spy watch can store two to three hours of video. That’s more than enough to get the evidence you need, detective.

Once the undercover mission is over, you can download the videos as AVI files into any computer running Microsoft Windows, via USB. The Thanko spy watch weighs 115 grams and costs around $85.


Thanko Super Slim Video Spy Pen

Thanko Spy Pen

Looking for another spying gadget for your spy-equipment? Thanko announced the USB Spy Pen that has a built-in camera shooting HD videos ( 1280 x 960 at 30fps ) and JPEG stills at the same resolution.

The so-called Super SlimVideo  Pen 2 measures 14cm in lenght and weighs 30g. It offers support for microSD cards up to 16GB for about 12hours of video recording.