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Seagate Offers SSD-Like Performance With The New Momentus XT HDD

Seagate Momentus XT

This 2.5″ drive from Seagate has been classified as world’s fastest drive for laptops. Called Momentus XT HDD, the drive features a 7200RPM spin speed, 4GB of quick SLC NAND Flash memory and is up to 100 percent faster than an usual 5400RPM drive.

Soon available in 250GB, 320GB and 500GB of storage capacity, the Momentus XT offers high SSD-like performance at the lower price of an usual hard disk drive.  Seagate is getting closer to the solid state drive standards with this hybrid and, if you want to shorten the gap between SSD’s and HDD’s, two hybrid Momentus XTs in a RAID configuration will do the job.

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Patriot Unveils The New SSD Zephyr Series

Patriot Zephyr Series

The Patriot is a company known for producing stuff like flash drives, memory and SSDs and they just announced a new SSD called the Zephyr series.

Patriot’s new Zephyr series is available in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB capacities and all of their new drives are using the new JMicron JMF612 controller, with a level cache of 64MB DDR2.  The Zephyr series is capable of high data transfer speeds, somewhere up to 240MBps reading speed and up to 180MBps writing speed. The drives also feature native support for the TRIM command in Microsoft Windows 7 in order to maintain the integrity of their performance.


OCZ Onyx SSD Retails For Under $100


OCZ has launched a new solid state drive, the OCZ Onyx Series SATA II SSD. This solid state drive comes with 32GB of storage and has a 64MB integrated cache and offers up to 70MB/s writing speed and up to 124MB/s reading speed.

The SSD’s MTBF (mean time between failure)  is situated somewhere around 1.5 million hour. The OCZ Onyx Series SATA II SSD will be available soon for under $100 and comes with a three-year warranty.

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Walton Chaintech SSD Converter Makes SSD Storage Afordable


SSD may still be much too expensive for casual use, but thanks to Walton Chaintech’s SSD converter, you can take two CF cards and use them as a hard-drive.

Solid state drive have proven superior to HDDs in pretty much every aspect, but their price tag has been keeping most people away. That probably won’t change very soon, but thanks to Walton Chaintech and their SSD converter, you can enjoy the groundbreaking technology at a discount price.

Taking advantage of the CompactFlash storage speed and the shape of an SSD, the converter works kind of like this: take two CF cards, stick them into the 2.5″ SSD-shaped device and you’re good to go. It supports SATA II and RAID 0/1 and gives you all the advantages of Flash storage.


512GB SSDNow V+ from Kingston

Kingston 512GB SSD Kit

Kingston has unveiled a new SSD kit from the SSDNow V+ line which offers 512GB of storage capacity, meant to help consumers that are working with huge amounts of data. The new 2.5-inch kit is compatible with Windows 7 and comes with a pair of rails to convert it to a 3.5-inch size for desktops. It has a read speed of up to 230MB/s and up to 180MB/s writing speed and it is also available with other storage capacities : 256GB , 128GB and 64GB. You can have the 512GB SSD kit for $1985.

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