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Kraken Steampunk 3D Goggles Are Fun

Kraken Steampunk 3D Goggles

It seems that steampunk is getting into the 3DTV industry as well as in many other industries like computers, jewelry or clothing.

Will Rockwell came up with this idea of creating the Kraken steampunk 3D goggles that come with an unique design. These glasses are different than any regular pair of 3D glasses, they’re big, wrap-around goggles and the lenses that were used are from a real pair of glasses and that means that you can use the Kraken 3D goggles in theaters too.

So if you want all the attention when you enter the theater, go to Etsy and order the Kraken seampunk 3D goggles for $200.

Custom Victorian iMac Cover Looks Charming


So far we’ve posted our share of antique computers and wooden displays and peripherals, but this is the first Victorian iMac I’ve ever seen.

Hand-made and custom built, these vintage iMac covers are made of oak and feature gold and brass trims. They fit 20″ and 24″ iMacs and can be matched with custom made Steampunk keyboard and mouse. The Victorian wooden iMac covers are up for grabs, at a price of $265, and the awesome keyboard is sold separately, for $345.

These accessories may not be the cheapest on the market, but how many people can say they own a Victorian iMac? More photos after the jump.


Custom Steampunk Skullcandy Headphones by DLi$h


As if Skullcandy SK-Pro headphones weren’t cool enough, a modder who calls himself DLi$h decided to give them a steampunk upgrade.

The Skullcandy SK-Pro headphones are designed to deliver ultimate audio performance and you can usually find them around the necks of established DJs. But DLi$h’s custom set would fit better at a rave party in a steampunk universe.

He used acrylic paint to give the headphones that distressed metal effect and hand stitched them himself, using sculpey. For some reason, DLi$h’s steampunk headphones also feature badges and insignias used on US Navy’s F18 Fighter Jets.

If you’re looking bor a professional set of headphones and you’re into steampunk, the Skullcandy SK-Pro by DLi$h are just perfect. And don’t worry about anyone else wearing one, these are one of a kind. Head over to Delicious Drips if you’re ready to drop $279.99 on these babies.