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Porn Detection Stick Hunts for Dirty Pics


If you thought your “fun” folder was well hidden among work projects, think again. The anti-porn powers of the world have united their forces to create a dreadful tool called the Porn Detection Stick.

If your life partner is really curious about how you spend your lonely nights, when she’s not around, all she has to do is stick this puppy into your computer’s USB port and it will start the hunt for any porn or nude photos you might have stashed away.

How does the Porn Detection Stick do all this, you ask? It uses special algorithms to analyze human skin tones, body part separation, curvatures and face detection to select porn related imagery. This baby can scan over 70,000 images in an hour and a half, with a false positive result of only .0006%.


Fur-Covered USB drive

Magnhild Disington, a Danish textile designer, said that USB sticks are things that we carry with us most of the time and she decides to cover them with fur because they are ” neutral in appearance and lack emotional appeal”. So she uses pieces of leftover fur, providing ”unique character and sensory experience which create emotional value” .

Via Core77

Fur-Covered USB