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Kisai Broke WristWatch Makes Telling Time Even Harder


In a world where technology keeps making even the most trivial action easier, TokyoFlash stands against the current, and tries to make the simplest things harder.

The newest addition to the wacky series of wristwatches, made by the Japanese manufacturer, is Kisai Broke.  Featuring a brushed stainless steel case, and a colorful display, this unique timepiece promises to make telling time, a breeze. But that’s a TokyoFlash breeze, because for the rest of us, Kisai Broke is even harder to figure out, than previous TokyoFlash wristwatches.


TokyoFlash Gets Social with New Instant Trend Watch


TokyoFlash watches are internationally famous for the weird way they display time, but Instant Trend is the first Japanese time-piece to integrate social media.

Following in the tradition that made TokyoFlash so popular, Instant Trend has a very special way of complicating the way simple time is displayed. But its large, clear OLED display can also show tweets and Facebook update, if connected to a mobile phone, via Bluetooth.

With social media so hot right now, and everybody trying to integrate popular micro-blogging platforms like Twitter and Facebook, TokyoFlash Instant Trend could prove to be a big hit.

Check out how time and messages are displayed, after the break.


TokyoFlash Presents the Kisai Escape C


The guys at TokyoFlash are back with one of the coolest-looking gadgets I’ve seen in a while, the Kisai Escape C.

It might look like an alien pendant you’d most likely see around the neck of a sci-fi flick action hero, but the TokyoFlash Kisai Escape C is so much more than that. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating, after all, it’s just a wireless bluetooth device that lets stream your favorite tracks from a Bluetooth-supporting mp3 player, or answer the phone, as long as they’re in a 33-meter radius.

Perfectly compatible with your iPhone and iPod Touch, the Kisai Escape C also works with PC programs like Skype. It’s not as cool as an alien pendant, but its radical design more than makes up for that.

Like all TokyoFlash gadgets, the Kisai Escape C had to have a weird way of telling time. The blue LEDs on the front of the device are supposed to show the time, but who can read that?

More photos of the TokyoFlash Kisai Escape C after the jump.