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AIAIAI Leather Headphones – Classic Walkman Design

Do you remember the old walkman and its music tapes? Do you remember its headphones too?

AIAIAI, a danish company, thought it can bring back the old times to you and, in alliance with Kilo Design, they created the Track Series Leather Headphones which are trying to mimic the classic set of headphones. These headphones are lightweight and easy to wear, and the leather material from which they were created gives a touch of luxury. They are also featuring 23-Ohm speakers, 40 mm driver units, 3,5 mm stereo plug and 112 +/- 3dB of sensitivity.

The Track Series Leather Headphones will be available in 2010, also with info about the price .

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Mini Turntable Makes You Feel Like a DJ

Have you ever dreamed that you were a DJ? Now your dream can be real thanks to Yanko Design who came with the idea of a mini turntable. Even if it is so small, you can have full control over a track by using the surrounding buttons. It is sensitive to touch and pressure and you need to use your fingers to operate it. The device has buttons for beat and pitch, volume, cue point, switching tracks and others, and it also has outputs for headphones and USB.

Via YankoDesign

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