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Microsoft Confirms October Launch for Project Natal


That’s right gaming fans, a Microsoft representative has announced the ultimate gaming experience will arrive in October 2010.

During a television broadcast,  Syed Bilal Tariq, Microsoft’s marketing manager in Saudi Arabia, has confirmed Project Natal will be launched sometime in October. this was said before, by UK television presenter, Jonathan Ross, but I’m sure we can all agree Mr. Tariq is a much more reliable source.


Street Fighter IV Coming to an iPhone near You


I know it sounds impossible, but Capcom have confirmed an iPhone version of Street Fighter IV will be launched in March.

But what about the kick-ass graphics, stages and character supermoves, how are those going to be ported to the iPhone? Very good question, but Capcom have been working on this version of their acclaimed beat’em-up for months, and they say we can expect the full console experience on the iPhone. Street Fighter’s most popular characters, Ryu and Ken, have been confirmed and Capcom reveals we’ll have a lot more fan favorites to choose from.


Large Arcade Stick for Large Scale Gaming


No matter how many arcade games get ported to the Xbox 360 or PS3, without the stick and big buttons, it’s just not the same.

But with the HORI RAP Pro VRX arcade stick, you can feel like playing in front of a huge arcade machine, right in the comfort of your own home. Weighing over twelve pounds, this beast of an accessory is above every other arcade stick ever made. Its sheer size, the button-mashing possibilities and the fact that it’s compatible with both the Xbox and PS3 make Hori’s arcade stick worth the 30,000 yen ($330).


Asus Launches G5IJ 3D Gaming Laptop


After 3D movies, 3d HDTVs, it’s time for 3D gaming on your laptop and Asus claims it’s the first company to make it happen, with its new G5IJ 3D gaming laptop.

With a 120Hz display and Nvidia 3D glasses, the Asus G5IJ lets you enjoy the 3D experience from the comfort of your own home. Apart from the multimedia package, Asus’ first 3D laptop also features some impressive specifications: 1.6GHz Intel Core i7 processor, 4Gb of DDR3 RAM, 2x320GB hard drives and a powerful Nvidia GeForce GTX 260M graphics card.


Odroid – World’s First Handheld Android Gaming Console


That’s right, the popular Android mobile OS is also powering the Odroid, and interesting handhel gaming device made in Korea

Odroid is the world’s first multi-format handheld console based on the Android platform. That’s intriguing enough, but its got plenty of other features to make it interesting. First there’s the HDTV-out via a HDMI port that allows you to play games on a high-definition display, then there are the twin memory slots, for MicroSD and SD cards, the accelerometer, web browser and mp3 player capacity.

The Odroid features a 3.5 inch display and supports different format games like Nintendo. Priced at $199, Odroid is also available as a developer version that allows users to create their own games and apps. Check for more info on Odroid and check  it out in action, after the jump.


SEGA to Launch New Gaming Console, the SEGA Zone


You don’t need to pinch yourself, this one’s for real. SEGA announced they are working a retro console that will let you play those legendary title form the Genesis era.

The coolest thing about the upcoming SEGA Zone is that it will feature wireless, motion-sensing controllers, similar to those of the Nintendo Wii. According to SEGA’s announcement the Zone is due to ship this Summer and it will come with 20 pre-loaded  classic games the likes of Golden Axe, Alex Kid, Sonic and Knuckles or Ecco the Dolphin, as well 30 other titles, 16 of which motion-controlled.

The SEGA Zone console will retail for $80

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Massage-Me Game Controller Makes Everyone Happy


The Massage-Me video-game controller allows you to play your favorite video-games while pleasing your significant other.

How many times did you get into trouble with your partner because you spent too much time gaming and too little caressing and cuddling? Too many times my friend, but thanks the the Massage-Me controller you can put all that behind you. The Massage-Me harness goes around the “massagee” and translates your button-mashing madness into a relaxing massage.

Basically, while you try to beat the game, you massage your better half just by pushing the required buttons. Right now the Massage-Me controller is only compatible with hacked PS3 controllers, but soon it will work with any other controller.

Producers say that beat’em-ups and other genres that require button-mashing provide the best massages.

More photos of the Massage-Me controller after the jump.


Peregrine Gaming Glove Comes in Handy


Prepare to experience video-games on a whole new level, thanks to the awesome gaming glove from Peregrine.

As you probably know, gaming is all about kicking your opponent’s ass and nothing makes that easier than feeling as comfortable as possible with your pain-inflicting tools (keyboard+mouse). The guys at Peregrine thought to bring gaming to your fingertips, literally.

Simply by wearing the peregrine gaming glove and touching your thumb with your fingertips, you’re able to control what happens in the game. Thanks to some easy to install software, you can replace that boring old keyboard with the gaming glove and create over 30 key-combinations. It’s really as easy as snapping your fingers, and professional gamers who tested it say Peregrine’s gaming glove makes all the difference. Plus, it’s washable.

Those of you interested in owning a Peregrine gaming glove better pre-order now and you’ll be wearing it by the end of January. The price is $129.99


Sony Playstation Turns 15 Today

Can you believe it’s been that long? Personally I’ve had so much fun with my Playstation consoles, it feels like I just bought my first yesterday.

Today Sony celebrates 15 years since it launched the original Playstation on the gaming market. It was a massive success and sold over 100 million units until it was discontinued in 2006. In 2000, Sony introduced the world to the Playstation 2, a worthy successor to its original gaming station. The PS2 is the best selling gaming system of all times.

The long awaited PS3 hit the market in 2007, and though it didn’t have the success everyone anticipated, Sony saved face with the popular PSP handheld, launched in 2008. This year the Japanese giant managed to deliver a smaller, cheaper version of the Playstation 3 and boost sales numbers.

All I can say is happy birthday and I’m looking to 15 more years of gaming brilliance.

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Tetxtminator – The Ultimate Texting Machine

Back in the day, arcade game machines were all about killing monsters, eating colored balls and fighting, but things have really gone down hill.

The Textminator is a modern day arcade game-station that allows one or two players to complete several texting challenges. Taking control of steel phone-shaped keypads, gamers can show off their SMS-writing skills.

Other than the rather cool built in camera that allows texters to take photos of their smug faces for the “high scores”section, there’s nothing that would make me pay for something I can do for free on my own cell-phone.

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