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Kenneth Cole Touch Screen Watch Collection

Kenneth Cole Watch

The first touch screen watch for the fashion market has been created by Kenneth Cole and comes with some interesting features. It has electro luminescent back light, chronograph technology, a 32 city world time function, stainless steel construction and water resistance.

Kenneth Cole and department stores like Macy’s and Dillard’s are selling the watches that come in three different styles with prices from $125 to $175.

Another cool idea from Kenneth Cole is their ad campaign called ” A Defining Moment in Time ” and where smartphone users who take a picture of a bar code will view a video that is automatically uploaded on their handsets.

Jaguar Phone-Watch Has You Talking to Your Wrist


The CVSL-M48, a.k.a. The Jaguar tries to combine entertainment anc communication functionality in a tight stylish package that fits on your wrist.

The Jaguar might look like just another nicely designed wristwatch, but it’s actually a mobile phone designed as a watch. Like most Chinese handhelds, it features 2 SIM card slots, as well as 1 Gb of memory, a full keypad, and two integrated speakers, so you don’t always have to keep the watch near your ear, when you receive a call.


Kisai Broke WristWatch Makes Telling Time Even Harder


In a world where technology keeps making even the most trivial action easier, TokyoFlash stands against the current, and tries to make the simplest things harder.

The newest addition to the wacky series of wristwatches, made by the Japanese manufacturer, is Kisai Broke.  Featuring a brushed stainless steel case, and a colorful display, this unique timepiece promises to make telling time, a breeze. But that’s a TokyoFlash breeze, because for the rest of us, Kisai Broke is even harder to figure out, than previous TokyoFlash wristwatches.


Devon Works Tread 1 Bulletproof Wristwatch


Most haute couture wristwatches try to maintain that classic look that usually appeals to filthy rich horology enthusiasts, but Devon Works is trying to break the pattern with its Tread 1.

This technological wonder shows time with the help of four 2/1000th thin belts, moving on a central chassis. This makes it look like the watch parts are actually floating inside the case. The Tread 1 is powered by four state of the art compact microstep motors that charge wirelessly. That’s right, for this space-age time-piece, Devon Works has integrated wireless technology that will keep it running for two weeks, on a single charge.

Made from high grade stainless steel, Tread 1 is actually bulletproof, so you can use it to block a bullet, if you’re quick enough. But this (possibly)life-saving gadget will have you you fork out $15,000, when it comes out. Check out the Devon Works Tread 1, in action, after the jump.


TokyoFlash Gets Social with New Instant Trend Watch


TokyoFlash watches are internationally famous for the weird way they display time, but Instant Trend is the first Japanese time-piece to integrate social media.

Following in the tradition that made TokyoFlash so popular, Instant Trend has a very special way of complicating the way simple time is displayed. But its large, clear OLED display can also show tweets and Facebook update, if connected to a mobile phone, via Bluetooth.

With social media so hot right now, and everybody trying to integrate popular micro-blogging platforms like Twitter and Facebook, TokyoFlash Instant Trend could prove to be a big hit.

Check out how time and messages are displayed, after the break.


The Geocentric Watch : A New Way of Telling Time

Geocentric WristWatch

This wristwatch, called the Geocentric Watch, has been designed by Geoffrey Cooper who intended to create a new way of telling the time. It uses a motion similar to that of the planets rotating in the solar system and its rings are moving constantly, making it a mesmerizing gadget. Unfortunately, the Geocentric Watch is just a concept for the moment.

Via geekygadgets

Casio Releases G-Shock GW-3000 Pilot Wristwatch


Today must be Casio day. After announcing they invented the first mercury-free high-brightness projector, we find out they just released the coolest wristwatch I’ve seen in a while.

Sadly, the Casio G-Shock GW-3000 “Pilot” wristwatch is only available in Japan. Isn’t that a total bitch? A beautifully-designed watch, available in white, orange and blue, and one nation can enjoy it? Anyway, Casio’s Pilot has got more than just “looks”. This Tough Solar model is waterproof, resistant to high impact and able to handle up to 15 G.

The G-Shock GW-3000 “Pilot” sets itself via radio and can display 29 world time cities. It’s available in Nippon, for $200.Check out more photos of this gorgeous wristwatch after the jump.


Chroma Watch changes Colors with Each Passing Second

Chroma Steel Mesh

This wristwatch, called the Chroma, will make any chameleon envious because of its numerals which change color with every second. The numerals will contain every color in the rainbow, making it a pleasure to check the time. Moreover, the hour hand merges one color palette to the other, creating a beautiful color spectrum.


Thanko Spy-Watch Has Built-in VGA Camera


Japanese company Thanko has been launching a bunch of cool spy gadgets, lately. After the cool button camera and HD spy pen, it’s time for the spy watch.

While it’s design isn’t spectacular (I personally like it), the spy-watch wasn’t meant as just a time-piece or a fashion accessory. That little dial hides a pretty powerful video-camera capable of shooting clips in 640×380 resolution, at 30 fps. And thanks to its impressive 4 Gb of internal memory, the spy watch can store two to three hours of video. That’s more than enough to get the evidence you need, detective.

Once the undercover mission is over, you can download the videos as AVI files into any computer running Microsoft Windows, via USB. The Thanko spy watch weighs 115 grams and costs around $85.


Exclussive HD3 Black Pearl Watch


What’s the time, you ask? Well, it’s really hard to say looking at this really expensive and complicated Black Pearl watch.

Designed by Fabrice Gonet, the HD3’s Black Pearl is an awesome looking accessory, inspired by pirates. I’m not exactly sure how you tell the time on this baby, but the pirate-elements, though subtle, were a lot easier to identify. A skull-and-bones symbol engraved in glass, on the back, a tiny cannon and cannon hatch, and a number of nautical navigation symbols hint to legendary pirate age.

Complicated as it is, the HD3 Complication Black Pearl is an impressive-looking wrist watch and you’d be lying if you said you don’t want one. But there are only 11 such jewels available and each one costs $400,000. Wow, now that’s spicy!

More photos of the HD3 Complication Black Pearl watch after the break


Special Ops Quad Band Watch Phone

Special Ops Quad Band Watch Phone

The Special Ops Quad Band Watch Phone is a nice and practical mobile phone that you can wear on your wrist all the time. It comes with a 1.5-inch touchscreen LCD display, additional multimedia features, bluetooth and bluetooth headset. You can use it anywhere in the world because of its compatibility with the popular GSM band frequencies ( 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz ) and it is fully unlocked, so it will be compatible with any mobile phone network.


Stanley Wrist Watch with LED Flashlight

The Stanley Wrist Watch has a LED flashlight, which makes it different than other wrist watches. Even if it’s huge, it can be useful in many situations such as those when you need a flashlight but you have to hold something else in your hands. It also features alarm, backlight and a timer.

You can find the Stanley Wrist Watch at Watchbrando for $58.