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PowerV Duo Wirelessly Charges Two Wiimotes at Once


The new PowerV Duo induction charger is just what you need to save your self the hassle of untangling wires, when your devices have finished charging.

The new PowerV Duo, from Konnet Technologies, is an induction charging dock that fits two Wiimotes and two USB devices and charges them simultaniously. All you need to do is place the Wiimotes on the PowerV Duo, with or without the Motion Plus and silicone casing, and wait for them to finish charging.

The PowerV Duo detects the remotes as soon as they’re placed on it, and begins charging, according to its rechargeable battery strength. The LED indicator is red during the charging process and turns blue, once it has completed. To avoid unnecessary power wastage, the PowerV Duo stops charging as soon as the devices are fully charged.


Flying KeyMouse Is Just What the Name Says


One of the coolest keyboard and mouse combinations ever invented, the wireless Flying KeyMouse makes you feel like you’re using a Wii remote.

The 2.4 Ghz USB Wireless KeyMouse features 75 keys, a tiny design that makes it ultra-portable, and introduces a smart concept called an air mouse. Using a new kind of position technology, the Flying KeyMouse has you waving through the air, in order to handle the cursor.

Suitable for any environment, thanks to its lightness and ingenious design, the Wireless Flying KeyMouse costs only $59 and can be picked up from Brando. You have to admit that’s a bargain, considering the fun you’ll have trying to do a simple task, like opening a folder.

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Microsoft Hardware Brings Three New BlueTrack Technology Mice

Microsoft BlueTrack Technology Mice

Microsoft has unveiled three new mice that are based on the BlueTrack Technology. This technology makes any mouse to work on virtually any surface which is very practical considering the fact that there are people working in airports, buses or any other place where there isn’t a suitable surface for mice. These three new peripherals are the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500, the Wireless Mouse 2000 and the Comfort Mouse 4500.

The Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 has a normal size and comes with a Nano transceiver that keeps it plugged in all the time.

The Wireless Mobile Mouse 2000, which is smaller in size, has a minitransceiver that can be snapped onto the mouse’s bottom when not in use. Both Mouse 2000 and Mouse 3500 have ambidextrous design with rubber side grips.


TokyoFlash Presents the Kisai Escape C


The guys at TokyoFlash are back with one of the coolest-looking gadgets I’ve seen in a while, the Kisai Escape C.

It might look like an alien pendant you’d most likely see around the neck of a sci-fi flick action hero, but the TokyoFlash Kisai Escape C is so much more than that. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating, after all, it’s just a wireless bluetooth device that lets stream your favorite tracks from a Bluetooth-supporting mp3 player, or answer the phone, as long as they’re in a 33-meter radius.

Perfectly compatible with your iPhone and iPod Touch, the Kisai Escape C also works with PC programs like Skype. It’s not as cool as an alien pendant, but its radical design more than makes up for that.

Like all TokyoFlash gadgets, the Kisai Escape C had to have a weird way of telling time. The blue LEDs on the front of the device are supposed to show the time, but who can read that?

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TDK’s Wireless Headphones Use Kleer Technology (Not Bluetooth)

TH-WR700 Headphones

TDK has just announced its latest product which will go on sale in Japan on March 1, the TH-WR700 headphones. This wireless pair of headphones is using Kleer technology instead of Bluetooth. The guys from TDK claim that the technology they’re using offers better noise cancellation, up to 40db.

The TH-WR700 can be connected to any device that has a 3.5mm port. The headphones also features 32Ω impedance, 20Hz–20kHz frequency response, 108 dB/mW sensitivity and allows you to listen to music from up to 10 meters away.

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Multimedia Remote with Keyboard by Lenovo

This interesting palm-sized Multimedia Remote with Keyboard, model 57Y6336, comes with 2.4GHz radio frequency wireless keyboard, a trackball and USB nano dongle and operates up to 10 meters away. The Multimedia Remote with Keyboard is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7 and it goes on sale for $60.

Via Lenovo

Lenovo's Multimedia Remote with Keyboard