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Microsoft Confirms October Launch for Project Natal


That’s right gaming fans, a Microsoft representative has announced the ultimate gaming experience will arrive in October 2010.

During a television broadcast,  Syed Bilal Tariq, Microsoft’s marketing manager in Saudi Arabia, has confirmed Project Natal will be launched sometime in October. this was said before, by UK television presenter, Jonathan Ross, but I’m sure we can all agree Mr. Tariq is a much more reliable source.


Microsoft Launches Pricy Xbox 360 Flash Drives

Xbox360-flash-driveSince Microsoft has prevented users from storing their data on external storage devices, it had to come up with a way to provide mode storage space. It has, but can you afford it?

You probably can, but I’m sure you won’t like paying a large amount of cash for a few extra gigabites. Unlike the PS3, which allows players to save data on any external device that connects via USB, the Xbox doesn’t have this native feature, so it requires a workaround. But the brains at Microsoft immediately saw this as a way to squeeze more money from their clients.

The new Xbox 360 flash drives offer 16 Gb of extra space, but at a cost of $70. That’s more than some stores sell their 20 gb drives, these days, and the new Microsoft sticks come with no extra features, other than their compatibility with the Xbox 360, and a free month of Xbox Live Gold, which is worth $8.


Afterglow X-Box 360 Controllers Glow in the Dark

Afterglow-X-Box-360-controllersIf you’re one of those gamers who like to play with the lights off, than you’re going to love these new toys, from PDP.

Glow in the dark controllers are not exactly new. A similar series was launched, back in the day, for the legendary Sony PlayStation 2, and they were a big hit. Now, PDP is going for the same effect, with a new set of glowing controllers, for the X-Box 360.

The new Afterglow gaming controllers for the 360 will be available in three different colors (green, blue and red), and will be available later this week. You can already pre-order your own Afteglow controller, at EB Games.

Power Pyramid Supreme Is the Ultimate Controller Charging Device


Charging your controllers is a simple enough task, but if you had the chance, wouldn’t you want to do it in style? With the Power Pyramid Supreme, from Konnet, now you can.

If you only have one console, either a PlayStation3 or an Xbox 360, storing and charging controllers isn’t too much of a hassle, but if you’re lucky enough to own both, you need something like the Konnet Power Pyramid Supreme. This awesome gadget acts as a charger and holder for your controllers, when you’re not busy mashing their buttons.


CrystilRoc Produces A Fully Crystalized Xbox 360 For Microsoft’s PR Campaign

CrystalRoc Xbox 360

We’ve seen before the diamond-encrusted Apple iPad which had a selling price of $20,000. Now, the guys from CrystalRoc received this task to create a fully crystallized XBOX for Microsoft’s PR campaign. The console is an amazing work of art, considering that more than 11,520 individual Swarovski crystals were used to cover it and it took over 70 hours to complete.

Nobody knows yet whether or not the crystallized Xbox will go on sale but if it does, do not hesitate to empty your pockets for this amazing piece of art.

Via CrystalRoc

Mad Catz Announces F.L.Y. 9 Flightstick for Xbox 360


Featuring the awesome Mad Catz trademark design, the Cyborg F.L.Y. 9 flightstick for the Microsoft Xbox 360 looks amazing.

It’s true there aren’t nearly as many flight simulators as there used to be a few years ago, but that didn’t stop Mad Catz from announcing a kickass flightstick, for Microsoft’s gaming console. The Cyborg F.L.Y. 9 builds on the original Cyborg series for the PC, with a few added buttons.

A few of you may be set back by the $100 price tag, the Mad Catz Cyborg F.L.Y. 9 flightstick is sure to put a dent in many Xbox fans’ pockets.Check out more cool pics of the F.L.Y. 9 after the jump.


PS3 Gives 70MB of RAM back to the Developers

Sony PS3

When the PS3 was first launched on the market, 120MB of its 512MB RAM were used only for OS applications and that means that less than 400MB of RAM were available for game developers.

While the Xbox 360 was using just 32MB for its operating system, the designers of PS3 have tried until now to bring some updates and improvements to the console in order to reduce the amount of RAM used by the OS. Now, they finally managed to reduce the number of MB used by the operating system to 50, which means that there is an additional amount of 70MB of RAM available for game developers to use at will.

Via playstationuniversity

Microsoft Announces 250GB add-on HDD for Xbox 360

Xbox360 Add-on

Microsoft announced yesterday that they will come on the market with an add-on 250GB hard-disk drive for the Xbox 360 starting with March. The drive will be offered as a stand-alone unit this time considering that it has been available since last year but with a new console.

The drive is intented not only to the internal storage capacity, but also to store downloaded content through Microsoft’s Xbox Live Marketplace online store, which had 29 million users at the end of last year.